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  • DPLN 2-25+1 plow (from 20 h.p.)
DPLN 2-25+1 plow (from 20 h.p.)
  • DPLN 2-25+1 plow (from 20 h.p.)

DPLN 2-25+1 plow (from 20 h.p.)

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14000 UAH
  • 13990 UAH/pcs  - from 10 pcs
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

DIAMANT production company
We make a wide range of agricultural machinery and accessories.

The plow the 3rd case hinged is intended for a plowed land under grain and commercial crops on depth to 20 cm of the soils which are not littered with stones, plitnyaky and other obstacles with a specific resistance up to 0,09 MPas and with the hardness up to 4,0 MPas.


  • strong and reliable frame;
  • high-quality, deep and full seal of the crop residue remains and weeds;
  • simplicity and convenience in operation;
  • in work – the small radius of a turn which allows to save on fuel and lubricants;
  • the screw type of a dump at the expense of the geometry of a bend, completely overturns the earth even at the smallest speeds, thereby increases economy and increases efficiency of processing of the soil;
  • total absence of details from casting.
  • this plow is aggregated with tractors from 20 h.p.


Options are possible:
Plow (DPLN) 3-25
Plow (DPLN) 2-25

In the list of production there is a wide choice of plows of the 3rd, 4, 5, 6 cases and spare parts to soil-cultivating agricultural machinery

Additional characteristics:

Characteristics of a plow 2-25+1:

1. Width of capture of a plow ― 75 cm
2. Depth of plowing of the case: to 20 cm. 
3. Gleam height under a frame ― 58 cm
4. Weight ― 120 kg.
5. It is aggregated from 20 h.p.
6. Distance between cases: 65 cm. 

Shipping method
Payment method
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Weight: 120 kg
Purpose:For mini tractors
Type of equipment:Plow
Information is up-to-date: 16.11.2018

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