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Plow of PLN (DPLN) 6-30 + 1-30
  • Plow of PLN (DPLN) 6-30 + 1-30
  • Plow of PLN (DPLN) 6-30 + 1-30

Plow of PLN (DPLN) 6-30 + 1-30

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Plow of PLN (DPLN) 6-30 + 1-30

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PLN(DPLN) 6-30 plow + 1-30 is a replacement to old PLN 5-35, only with a width of capture not of 1,75 m, but 2,1 m

Soil processing a usual plow much more becomes complicated if the field has the sternevy remains later, a sunflower and other which during a plowed land hammer a plow. In this regard the plow on high steel racks was also developed (10 cm more long from standard),
Considerably the plow zabivayemost for the account a trace decreased. changes:
1. At the expense of the strengthened increased rack the gleam under a frame = 745 mm increased.
2. The wheel is taken out from a plow on 15 cm aside.
3. Removal of cases of a plow from under a frame aside on 100 mm.
4. The distance between cases = 850 mm is increased. (In standard frames distance between cases = 750 mm). At the expense of it the angle of attack of cases of a plow was changed, traction loading on and as a result ― economy of fuel thereby decreases.
The increased screw dump at the expense of the geometry of a bend, completely overturns the earth even at the smallest speeds, increasing efficiency of processing of the soil. The field plowed by such plow has the equal, well loosened surface and does not demand additional processing.
It is aggregated with tractors: T-150
Depth of plowing of a plow = 30-35 cm.
All spare parts have high quality, wear resistance, durability.


In the list of production there is a wide choice of plows of the 3rd, 4, 5, 6 cases and spare parts to soil-cultivating agricultural machinery


Type plow:Ploughshare
Weight: 940 kg
Purpose plow:Normal
Number of bodies: 7 pcs.
Ploughing depth: 210 cm
Information is up-to-date: 06.12.2018
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